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london // hong kong

ridonkulous rain

its grey

and freezing

and raining.

which i dont really mind so much…

i’m lethargic.

and the house is leaking again.

and its only getting colder

and now we have a study with all the computers

my mum is sitting next to me saying things like

"don’t you love the new facebook layout?"

"aww emma to’s feeling homesick"

"i haven’t been on facebook for so long"

it’s..really kind of sad.


so i have some bad headphones in

listening to alicia keys.

my nice headphones broke.

my speakers don’t work

because i can’t find my subwoofer in all the boxes behind me.

i’m not going to make someone come over to help me finishing unpacking.

also..oh’s chinese new year eve

happy cny :)

im certain the majority of Hong Kong is out. And will be tomorrow..

..why am i not on skype?!

…yeahhh :)

OOH just heard we’re having a niiiiiiice cny meal tonight :):)


Now..i have to unpack books

but i always end up reading them…

let’s see what happens..

rain is pouring

sunday morning…:)

so i was very grateful for church today

and if you know me, i don’t usually…jump up and down on a sunday morning.

but after church,

i was plenty happy :)


onto other things,

well, i miss my friends

i honestly think there is some sort of magnetic thing going on with australia.

its just luring my best friends there :(

i don’t get what’s so appealing :’(

obviously, i’m not wanting them to move back, but i just miss them.


anyway, let’s talk about the digital age :D

i think its getting a little ..crazy


but crazy.

not now, but someday …something bad could happen

involving technology (no guys, not a robot revolution)

that’s all